Few minor tweaks would be good

Hi there,

I use kickr snap with wahoo cadence sensor, frequently race and do workouts. I’ve noticed few niggles, one is purely cosmetic, another one is “funny”, not sure why funny springs to mind.

  1. Cosmetic one. When doing workouts, specific cadence is requested, when my avatar drinks water, the visual cadence seems to go to some preset value, even if I do 50rpm, the avatar will do about 90. Only effects avatar. Once bottle is down, avatar reflects true 50rpm.

  2. When doing workouts in erg mode, specific wattage is requested, for some reason going uphill eases off the resistance and going downhill increases it. The power on the screen does not change! When doing 150% FTP it is very noticeable.

Many thanks!

  1. Weird. Doesn’t happen to me doing a workout in ERG mode. 

I totally accept it may be kickr firmware doing that. To give an example, the session at certain point required to hold 480w for 2 mins, during which I felt I could recover going uphill and even increase rpm by almost 10 revolutions, while going downhill was very taxing… I can’t say the lighter feel was unwelcome