Feedback and future collab

Hello Zwift

I work for DokkX in Denmark which is an exhibition of welfare technology. DokkX is a recurring exhibition which changes every 6 months. We are currently exhibiting Zwift with a Wahoo hometrainer. The exhibition is interactive and we want people to try all of our stuff. However, iv’e been trying to come in contact with an employee from Zwift. I wrote 4 emails and tried to contact them through the chat with unfortunately no answers. Do anyone of you know how to reach them, or perhaps an employee dedicated to Scandinavia / Denmark?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Best regards


@shooj may be able to hook you up Magnus, but other Zwift employees may see this post and DM you. Good luck.

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Hey Dean, Thank you! I hope to establish contact soon. :slight_smile: