Feature suggestion: Additional splash screen explaining in-game controls, view auto cycle

I’d like to suggest an additional splash screen on app launch that details more of the in-game controls, such as view control (0-9 keys). Either that or a more obvious link to a player manual on the Zwift website.

Auto-cycle through several different views would be a nice feature too. Following some riders it seems they are already doing that. Is there a key to hit to have the view auto-cycle through a few of the viewpoints?

Not really an answer to your question but I have started to read through all the questions and answers to find out more about how the Zwift program works (controls etc). I agree a manual section would be very beneficial. To date many functions seem to be learned through word of mouth.
Might have to write my own manual!
Zwift is amazing by the way, I’m looking forward to further development (just in case they are listening!)

Agree 100%… don’t use the program much because there’s no guide to what’s happening or available.