Feature request: Virtual gear shift in Zwift app

I would very much wish for a “virtual gear shift”-option and -functionality for the Free Ride portion of the app, for those of us who do not use Zwift with real bikes (that have mechanical gears), but with trainers like Abilica (the brand is pretty huge in the Nordics where I live), that don’t have gears but 30 steps of (magnetic) resistance.

Right now I have only 1 gear when doing Free ride, and that is really not good at all.

The Zoom app connects to my exercise bike by Bluetooth, it shows Wattage and the app controls the resistance during pedaling, shows cadence, heart rate and the ERG function works fine while riding the Zwift exercise plans where the plan sets a certain target Wattage, reads the road inclination and the cadence and then sets and sends an appropriate resistance level back to my exercise bike. When the workout is too easy or hard (despite correct FTP setting) it is possible to increase or decrease the bias % by touching the up or down arrow in the action menu, which is a great option for good and bad days.
During Free Ride those up and down arrows are not in the action menu, and I have no way of changing gears.

Please add that functionality.

Thank you.

Duplicate feature request as already done in 2018 by @obidave_kenobe and in 2021 by @D_Fri_ToW now a reality with the Zwift Hub One its Zwift Cog + Zwift Click combo?

For your reference an interesting discussion under Zwift Forums/ General Discussion/ “Compatibility: Zwift Cog/Click with Wahoo Kickr” (thread# 613442, post# 16: forums[dot]zwift[dot]com/t/compatibility-zwift-cog-click-with-wahoo-kickr/613442/16