Feature Request: Blue Man As Pacer

(Alan Grant ZSUN) #1

We were discussing on Zwift Riders (Facebook) what happened to the blue guys. They have all disappeared. I would like to see them put back in as a pacer like you have when you run a marathon. You can select to use a blue guy, assign a pace (so many watts or so many w/kg) and you follow the leader. No draft capabilities, just pace. Would be great for tempo work. Only YOU can see YOUR pace guy so the screen doesn’t get cluttered. Also, have the ability if you get tired, through the mobile app, to slow down your blue guy if you need to. Thanks.

(Paul Allen) #2

There are already requests like this, please vote them up so Zwift knows what the users want.

(Kerry Bright) #3

Would be very useful


(Paul Damian) #4

Or like “ghost” riders that pace you personally.  No need for others to see them.  I am thinking of this like some racing simulation games I have played where you can have the game display a ghost pacer of sorts…