Blue Man Monday

(Don Rothaus) #1

Jumped on Zwift today for a easy 20 mile ride and for the first time noticed a very large number of glowing Blue Men on the course.  My first thought that everyone was feeling blue after a hard weekend on the bike.  Then I thought maybe Zwift had offered a free trial to anyone who is a member of the Blue Man Group.  Of course there must be a better reason than these, so if someone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it.  I am relatively new to the Zwift Community (51 rides since mid Feb), so maybe this is a common occurrence?

Cheers, D. Rothaus






(Jon Mayfield) #2

The blue guys are computer generated riders created just to fill in some of the map.  They’ve been missing for quite some time, but during the summer we’ll have them on from time to time during the slower hours on Zwift.