Blue Men, Texting, Bike Choice.......

Hello All, A couple questions:

(1) Is there a way to “turn off” the Blue Men?

(2) Can you turn “texting” or “chating” off?

(3) How can I use a Trek instead of a Zwift frame?

Cannot speak to 1 or 2.  Customizations is based on Levels and promo codes.  As you level up (ride more basically) you get access to other frames, jerseys, etc.  The other way is promo codes or using product.  I have a Kickr and linked my Strava account.  Because of this I get Strava and Wahoo jerseys.






Hey Ed,

#1: Nope. We control that.

Oh hey, there’s a Knowledge Base article for #2: :slight_smile:

#3: As J Mac mentioned, getting new bikes are all tied to leveling up.

Want more info? Try our Zwift Rider’s Guide.

Thanks J Mac & Eric, Just wish I could be riding a Trek! Made it to level 13 yesterday & received a Zwift aero frame, maybe I can add some decals…

Level 20 reward is a Trek Madone so you have that to work toward!

Just hit level 17 last night. 20 is just a couple of weeks away perhaps…

the level 17 unlock, the Parlee ESX, is kind of a disappointment. the bike is matte black and the color slider only seems to change a small accent on the downtube of the frame very close to the bottom bracket. its barely noticeable.

You know, for a $15K bike you think that you might get a few other color options.

woah! never priced out a frame or complete bike from them but yea, they do some wild color options. sadly not in game :frowning:

I’m very close to the specialized Tarmac. Is this bike good