Zwift Running - Zombie pace runners

When I use Zwift for running it’s mainly to keep track of my stat’s IE. cadence, BPM, speed, etc. I rarely pay attention to my avatar and the course I’m running on mainly because I feel, in the end, it doesn’t really help me to achieve much more than my regular stat’s. What Zwift needs to do to make this game a truly great run training program is to implement some type of zombie pace “runners” that the live runner can train with. Since we are not using smart-trainer style treadmills this would be an easier way to help maintain the desired pace. No need to get bogged down with trying to follow all your numbers that appear on the small display. Just watch your screen and adjust the speed accordingly to the zombie runner’s pace . Since I like to use a variety of paces throughout my race it would be great to be able to program the paces and the distances that I would like to run these paces at.

This is a good idea for running and cycling. Running against a PR ghost is not as useful as a set pacer. Some days I want fast, some days a bit slower. There were blue ghost riders a few years ago, but seldom were they at a pace you could draft. They were either much faster or much slower.