Family/Multi User Discount

I know this has been requested before but I’m just here to show my support for a family/multi user discount. My wife and I would love to be able to share out setup with our bikes as the only interchangeable part but as of right now…no dice. Please set up a plan like this. Thanks

I fully support this request. I know this has been discussed for years and nothing happened so far. So developpers, please add family/multi user accounts.

Just adding my support for this too…make it a thing please!!

I would like this too, we have a single tacx and my wife is just sharing my account at the moment, so would pay a little more to have our own accounts; plus my daughter is thinking of giving it a go

My husband has finally seen the light and is riding on my account. We would happily pay a little more to have 2 separate accounts otherwise he affects my FTP score!!! Come on Zwift, please do this soon!!!