Multiple riders per account

Spotify - family plan

Apple music - family plan

YouTube music - family plan

Netflix - family plan

Disney plus - family plan

Apple tv - family plan

HBO max - family plan

Amazon prime - family plan

FulGaz - family plan

Rouvy - family plan

Jrny - family plan

Peloton - family plan

Steam - can share every game I’ve ever purchased with a friend

Xbox game pass - family pass on PC… Sharing 100s of video games

WoW - multiple characters on account

FFXIV - multiple characters on account

Vzfit (a VR zwift) - family account.

There is no excuse not to have this feature in 2021. Quit making excuses so that you can charge double for the people willing to. You are making zwift a frustrating experience for those who share an account

Please refer to this thread: Family and Child Plan Request - #323 by Cliff_Hill_LGRC

Closing this one.

Ride On!

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