Family and Child Plan Request

Great to know! I wasn’t able to find this information elsewhere. Thank you!

Some things are very strange. Why is running totally free and riding only 25KM pro month? And are children free, but do they not have a discount for partners? Could Zwift explain this strange policy?

I’m looking for a family plan. We have 4 kids and my spouse. I’ll look someone else then, seems like Zwift doesn’t care to address this.

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Kids are free fo you can get 4 for the price of two.

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Just signed up to a paid zwift sub hoping the family could use the subscription also. It’s a great product but a little dissapointed now :frowning: hope this feature gets added soon!

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Another shout out for a family sub. I have one bike so being able to have a second user (even for a nominal fee) on the account even if you can’t have them logged in at the same time would be huge.


Spotify - family plan

Apple music - family plan

YouTube music - family plan

Netflix - family plan

Disney plus - family plan

Apple tv - family plan

HBO max - family plan

Amazon prime - family plan

FulGaz - family plan

Rouvy - family plan

Jrny - family plan

Peloton - family plan

Steam - can share every game I’ve ever purchased with a friend

Xbox game pass - family pass on PC… Sharing 100s of video games

WoW - multiple characters on account

FFXIV - multiple characters on account

Vzfit (a VR zwift) - family account.

There is no excuse not to have this feature in 2021. Quit making excuses so that you can charge double for the people willing to. You are making zwift a frustrating experience for those who share an account


Comparing streaming services with apps like Zwift is an apples-to-orange comparison. This said, all suppliers have their pricing strategy, which you may like or not like. That’s why there is competition - so you can select the service that best balances meeting your needs and your price expectations. Notice Zwift also has no 12-month plan at a reduced cost - that’s also part of each app supplier’s pricing strategy. It’s fine with some (I cancel during the summer), not with others (why should I pay the same when I commit for 12 months than for one?).

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I have created a new account to see if Zwift is any better than it was when I left it for Rouvy a few years ago.

Whilst Zwift is a good platform (if you like the gamey look), and has its own pro’s and con’s like any of these trainer applications, the lack any kind of family sharing is a real negative for me so it looks like I will stick with Rouvy for £12.75 for 3 users per month instead of Zwifts £12.99 for 1 user.

BKOOL is another great app, though not quite as polished as Rouvy yet, it is getting there and can be used in either video or digital mode (as Zwift is). They do not yet have a family subscription but are working on it…one of my favourite aspects of BKOOL is the velodrome racing.

Unfortunately for Zwift, their product is not exactly leaps and bounds ahead of the competition - if it were maybe they could justify their miserly ethos.

Can I start by saying I have asked for this for nearly 3 yrs. I will never watch my wife get off our shared trainer and climb back on the same trainer and pay 2x a subscription to ride the same software. It makes no sense. Secondly I find it absolutely rude that despite several requests nobody from zwift has replied to confirm this will or will not happen. So we are left in limbo year after year with one of us using Zwift and the other Tacx free software. I would gladly pay £15/£16 per month for 2 member training. Effectively you have lost £180 income. Most of all though you have given yourselves a reputation of being rude and ignorant. Just let us know if it will happen so we can make choices of how to train together. It’s simple. To reiterate 2x12.99 for a shared trainer is never going to happen. Perhaps reply this time? It’s been years.


If you want a reply Alan here goes. Why should my subscription be used to subsidize you’re partner’s. What’s the benefit to me? If you think Rouvy’s so good for doing this then go to Rouvy. But no, 3 years of the same whinge and your still here so clearly you do think it’s worth it, but just want to save some money if you can. Understandable, we all do, but not when it’s one set of users benefiting of the full subscriptions of others.

(Under 16s cheaper or free - I can support that because I’m big picture enough to think encouraging young riders is a benefit to them and society in general)


What’s the detriment to you?

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What’s the benefit for me or my wife that children can ride for free? what is the benefit to me that you can run unlimited distance for free?
Strange that some people can use the software for free, but that I have to pay for me and my wife.

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I must admit I am sort of with you on the undercurrents of some of the posts here.

Many seems to be around , “I dont want to pay for a subscription for my partner”.
Something about this is a little bit disturbing and seems to belong to very outdated mindset .

Is it appropriate for subscriptions for a “secondary” member of a relationship to be a reason for this family plan membership. In these days of metoo and all that both members of this partnership should be equal in terms of income and therefore in what they can spend there money on .

It would be better to take concerns about economic equality elsewhere rather than ask Zwift to subsidise , and thus perpetuate , this .

However I do fully support that minors who do not have there own income are legitimate for discounted rates and Zwift here have excelled by offering completely FREE membership so there is absolutely no argument on this count either. Well done zwift , you have delivered the most appropriate solution here

What might be left is possibly to offer a “concession” level of membership .

What about retired people , are they not more worthy of discount , having a reduced income.
What about Students and others who for whatever reason have a reduced capacity for income.
Yes it might also include anyone taking paternity or maternity leave (a thing that some might think happens quite a lot in “families”) .

The other angle many post in (under the guise of a “family” situation but IMO is nothing specifically to do with Family at all , is having a lower subscription for reduced access or functionality . Maybe there is scope for that but its entirely for Zwift to consider that , and to be honest think it is inapproprite to be framing that request as a “Family” thing , and as a result I think Zwift are acting properly to refuse to consider it on that basis.

In short , start requesting it in a less interest group self centred basis and then we are talking .

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This is a breathtakingly weird take.

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As I stated, Dave wants some of the money Zwift take from my pocket used to reduce the amount they take from his and his partner’s pockets. I don’t see why I should be happy with having my pockets picked for the benefit of two adults who I don’t know. If we take that approach, well the whole of my cycle club (about 30 of us) would be very keen for a club rate, subsidized from the pockets of solo riders.

Sorry, you didn’t explain how it’s to your detriment for Alan and I to pay Zwift more money than we do at present. It wouldn’t change how much you pay, and what you get for the money you pay. It wouldn’t have any effect on your subscription whatsoever.

“Why should my packet of crisps be used to subsidise your multipack bag? What’s the benefit to me?”

In narrow context there may appear to be no detriment.

Lets look at the bigger picture , the thousands or users who could in this new subscription model now , with no reduction of functionlaity , be able to now claim and move to this proposed “family” membership. This large reduction of revenue has to be paid by someone … That would include students , retired people, those on income support , disabled people , single mothers , carers etc . I would suggest they are more entitled to a membership subsidy.

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Zwift have said many times they aren’t considering a family plan. I think the fact they have only raised the price once since launch and have focused on keeping it a good value package for all a much better idea.

And FREE access to under 16s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: