Failed calibration with Apple TV 4K and Kickr

After the new update I have been troubleshooting my a… off trying to figure out the issues. I have been on Zwift for several years and I have always been using Zwift for calibration, prior to entering and about 10min out in the warmup go prior to races. After the last firmware update this is not possible anymore, I am getting failed calibration to often. Prior and in game. Have been trying to use thee wahoo app to calibrate, that works but I am experiencing unreliability with the in game experience, respons to terrain and to my power. Anyone in here experiencing the same or at best know how to fix this? Thanks

I don’t think the Zwift calibration has been working for ages, stick with the Wahoo one.

I never had any issues with the Zwift calibration using Apple TV. But now as I am forced to use the wahoo spin down function I feel its not accurate? Experiencing increased resistance when descending and light pedals when climbing.

this is a known issue, not related to your calibration.

Some users found that rolling back the Kickr’s firmware has resolved the issue.

Ok, thanks. How do I roll back Kickr firmware?

connect your Kickr to your phone’s wahoo app, click on the picture of the trainer 10 - 15 times very rapidly until you get a special hidden menu to pop up. Choose firmware, then look for the older releases and choose one.