Extra Credit rides not showing on Academy Dashboard

After completing the 8 Academy workouts & 4 group rides/races, ZC home page shows 100% but dashboard stopped showing the progress. After completing 1st ZA extra credit group ride, there’s still no progress shown in dashboard

Hi Pete,

I don’t think the page will show anything past 100%. (at least that is how it worked before)

Ah thanks Gerrie, I was more surprised that it reset back to the beginning

Hey Pete! Gerrie is correct, it will only show 100% progress. But your comment that it reset to the beginning… you mean that now your progress bar is at 0%? Or your ride count? If that is the case you should definitely reach out to Zwift’s support team. support@zwift.com

Hey Thanks Leah - if I’m the only person affected there’s no need for support ticket - ZA is just for fun for me. In case anyone else has the same problem though: the progress bar on the front page of Companion app still shows 100% but when I click through to the dashboard (where the 2 circle info graphic used to show how many workouts/races done & schedule of activities completed etc) the dashboard has all disappeared & been re-set to the text that was displayed before the ZA started

Thanks Pete! I flagged the issue to Zwift’s events and production teams just in case. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on completing ZA Pete! We’re working on a fix for the issue you’re running into with your extra credit progress. Thanks for flagging this up to us.

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Thank you Leah, Melissa & support team. Issue is fixed :grinning:


Is this now fixed because I’m still confused. I finished today the Academy and did an additional race. In the dashboard I see that I have done now 5 out of 4 group rides/races. But the ZA Extra Credit card on the world selection page in the application itself doesn’t show any progress.

I’m planning to do some more Zwift Academy work the coming weekend but would like to know if everything will work out fine regarding the ZA Extra Credit?

Thanks in advanc for confirming this.


Hi Tom! Sorry for the confusion, but we’re working on a fix for this. Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have an update.

Also, congratulations on finishing Zwift Academy!

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Looks like not only the progress bar is broken but also the reward. Finished the 4 additional group rides/races but nothing was attributed as reward. I will also file a ticket @ support.

This is how the dashboard looks now


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I’m actually also having a problem with the Academy Dashboard.
–> its showing 1/8 workouts, but I participated in another one (#7) in group workout mode. The 2nd workout is not counted.
Actually, I was quite enthousiastic and had asked my wife to ride the #7 as well, as a training workout. So together with did the #7 (VO2max) twice, but it doesn’t count at all in the dashboard.
Its not a big problem, though, training is being done :slight_smile:

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Maurice, submit a ticket to support@zwift.com and they should be able to manually credit your progress. Ride On!

Same problem unfortunately

Guys, what do they give at the end of 4 extra trips? )) the same problem…


It’s a custom paint job. If you did the extra rides you can contact Zwift support to have it fixed. It was fixed for me earlier this week.