Extension developer jersey

Many of us will know about the many extensions, add-on and tools that are being built to make Zwift more awesome.

As the internet can be a bit of an anonymous place it’s hard to see the people building those tools short of a nickname on GitHub for example.

It would be awesome to have a way to recognise the people working on this in Zwift so you can give a ride on or wave when you see them around :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps a custom jersey in Zwift would be a cool way to give some visibility to extension developers?

Disclosure: I build RoadCaptain so this may sound like I would want this for myself specifically but there are many many more people building great tools for Zwift out there!

Naw, I like this. We see some recognition in game for “special” accounts - Zwift staff have an identifier next to their username. If not a jersey, maybe something like that? (togglable perhaps for those who’d rather be anonymous)