Extending Workouts Easy?

In many „short“ (<1h) sessions there is the recommendation to extend them from e.g. 5 Sets up to 8 or 10 sets when you get stronger.

I open the Workout then and start to add segments again & again manually. This is pretty tricky on iOS to hit the exact time & wattage especially when the intervals are fine like in the 70.3. Specific Triathlon Plan of 2021.

It really takes time to add 4-5 more reps and is not yet accurate (some segments are 2:03 instead of 2:00 e.g.).

Is there a hidden button like „Add full Segment Rep“ anywhere? Or „extend Session to XY Minutes“?

If there are none of these buttons maybe someone can move this post to the request area…

P.S.: I would even like to be asked at the end of a running workout if I feel like rocking a bonus rep if the training. With the Yes & No Option graphically like route decisions.

Have you tried this: (I don’t use iOS but assume it work like PC)

This seems to work a lot better than directly in the iOS App because I can write segment duration in seconds. Thank you!

But as well I understand you that a segment like following needs to be added manually x-times:

2min 65%
30sec 90%
2 min 82%
2min 78%
2min 82%
2min 78%

If I have a segment like that I would rather open the file in a text editor and copy and paste the block.

Like this block.

I see at this point working in iOS obly seems to make it not easier :sweat_smile:

The last four are an over/under interval repeated twice. It’s easy to extend that pattern by just increasing the repeat count. However, more complex repetition requires copying. At least zwofactory makes it simple to copy a single segment, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.