Extended Ant+ Dongle

Has anyone had experience with this Kinetic Extended Ant+ Dongle?

Looks like they won’t be in stock for 6-7 weeks. Is that because it is so good that the demand outstripped supply?

My PC is not near my trainer, and i sometimes struggle to get the Bluetooth to work well. I don’t want to get an Ant+ dongle, and a 10m powered USB cable! :slight_smile: i would rather like to try this Kinetic dongle, with it’s purported 40m range, and (hopefully!) have no issues.

I bought it based on a write-up on ZwiftInsider: https://zwiftinsider.com/kinetic-extended-range-ant-dongle/

I’ve found it no better than the Suunto ANT+ dongle. The Zwiftalizer reports showed imperceptible interruptions with the Suunto, and it shows the same with the Kinetic. YMMV

Thanks. That has been pretty much the only review i have seen on the Kinetic as well. My concern with the Suunto is that i will still need an extension cable, right? ‘Normal’ Ant+ dongles have very short range (from what i have read). My PC is around 5m (18ft) from my trainer. And i’m not keen on running a long USB cable from the PC in order to get the dongle under the trainer.

Hence, my interest in the Kinetic. I agree that the results are near identical to that of the Suunto; my question is: from how far away will they work?

If the Kinetic actually has a 40m range, then i’m sorted!

I find that the extension cable does as much good for the Kinetic as for the Suunto.

For our setup, Kinetic has not added $45 in value over the Suunto. I’d already paid $28.50 for the Suunto and got nothing out of the Kinetic that I didn’t already have with the Suunto.

In your case, the cost difference is just about $17. The Kinetic does work as well as the Suunto. If you don’t get other compelling input, maybe get the Kinetic and see whether it’s good enough for you, without any USB extension.

I can’t help myself from thinking about how easy and cheap an Ant + dongle and an extension cord is.

I don’t disagree! However, (i didn’t explain my setup in detail) i just cannot use a USB extension cable. I don’t have a dedicated setup. Therefore, i have to put away the trainer each time. Having an extension cable is just ‘one more thing’ to do for getting setup to ride. And more mess lying around when not Zwifting.

I would prefer to have something like the Kinetic, that just stays in the PC, and pop the legs open on the trainer, and go. Call me lazy, or OCD :slight_smile: but i just like the simplest, quickest way to get up and running! (riding)

Practically ALL the setups i see are dedicated, with a permanent PC nearby. Running a cable from that setup makes sense. Or people have a laptop (and a stand near them) so the range in that setup is close too.

I would love to hear from others that have temporary setups like mine, and how they do it.