Which Ant+ antenna

(Sam Hudson) #1

So, just ordered my Tacx Flow.

would like to have everything else I need in place before it shows up.

Anyone recommed a Ant+ antenna? or should I get the specific Tacx one?

anything else I should get?

at this stage, not too fussed about HR, I can add that later down the line. just want to get up and running and ideally hit some rides.

I have an HD ready TV (i’m not really looking for 4K or anything like that)
and a Gaming Laptop with 970m GPU.

Other than that, was thinking one of those wireless mouse and keyboard jobbies (look like an xbox controller)
and perhaps an adjustable table.

(Paul) #2

I would recommend an ANT+ and a USB extension so you can get that dongle as close to the trainer as possible, Zwift sells kits in the shop: https://zwift.com/shop/product/ant-bundle

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #3

Whatever ant+ dongle you get, use a 3 meter usb extension cable to keep it away from your computer and as close as possible to your trainer.

Tacx one will also do.

(( C)raig) #4

Use an old peanut butter lid, or similar, to protect:

(Joe) #5

I use a Suunto movestick mini and a 3m usb cord.

The peanutbutter lid hack is a fine idea, but I’ve got 2 little kids (one of whom is 3, likes to ride his bike on my old cycleops trainer next to me, and is like a tiny engineer/mechanic/gremlin in his spare time).

Anything on the floor is fair game to be tinkered with, taken apart, moved, or re-purposed - so I attach the business end of my ANT+ cord to my driveside chainstay with a velcro cable tie like this one .

It sits far enough back to stay away from sweat, and it’s as close as can be to my trainer, cadence sensor and HRM signals.

(Johnathan) #6

If you use an extension, I got an Amazon Basics USB 3.0 and it’s much better than the 2.0 version that came with my hammer, from Zwift.

(Sam Hudson) #7

good to know.

It’s really just the antenna then, Amazon 3 cable - check.
Might look to the suunto one. not a bad price really.

(Eddie) #8

not just any extension - it’s best to make the extension the active type.

(Jerry) #9

I don’t understand why everyone is recommending spending extra money for an extension. My ANT+ dongle is plugged into a computer 6 feet away from the bike and I have had no problems with dropping signals. Asides from that, I ordered my ANT+ from Cycleops.

(Sam Hudson) #10

ah I don’t know if it’s needed or not to be honest but I have it - and it works so great :slight_smile:

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #11

Tacx flow can be connected via Bluetooth + ZCA, no need to buy ant+ dongle. Most people says that Bluetooth connection works more accurate than ant+. But if you want check ebay or aliexpress shops - there are lot of chinese dongles, mine works perfectly.

(Sam Hudson) #12

That’s interesting - I’ve not tried it on Bluetooth, purely ANT+

there is a fairly long 3 second delay between pedalling and avatar movement. Maybe it would sort that.

Other that that i’m not too concerned at this stage. 10W difference here or there means nothing to me, I’m nowhere near fit enough to worry about accuracy I’m mainly on here to do the structured workout and get a bit fitness to a decent level. Once I get to to a point of worrying about the accuracy i’ll more than likely upgrade to a neo or something

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #13

With ant+ and tacx vortex i have had 2-3 seconds lag in resistance, it was annoying to get uphill resistance to the legs, when you actually passed the hill). Issue has disappeared with neo and bt

(Sam Hudson) #14

yeah that’s my hope and plan really.

put up with the delay for the next 12 months. If I stick to Zwifting and Cycling then I can reward myself with something a bit posher