Excess distance on group rides

Hi all. Hope someone here can throw some light on this without getting too techy!!

So, I have a Neo2T which I run via my MacBook Pro on to a monitor. So far, so.good.

But…on every group ride I end.upmdoing up to 2k more.rhwn riders around me. Also, and yes, I know about w/kg being weight dependant etc, I seem to be working wayyy too hard to stay with people who are doing a full watt per kg less than me. I’m 76kg which is fairly average for a cyclist I’d think.

The Neo 8s up to date on firmware and software, it doesnt require calibration and despite uninstalling then reinstalling everything 8 still have the same problem.

Strangely, if I run Zwift through my Android (Huawei) the distance is accurate…

I’m stumped…any ideas…anyone?

Thanks.in advance

I’ve got the same set up. I can’t really shed light on why it does that.
I’m also intrigued at why I am cycling alongside someone a group ride that shows is 2km behind me. I’ll check it out on my Android to see if it is any different.
It could be just one of the quirks of Zwift Clive

Thanks Rita. Thought it was sorted after last update but… nope