Extra distance reading


I ride a Neo T2, and constantly rack up 500m more than others for every 20k we ride. I did Haute Route and was a 1.2km further than the people I was riding with.

Any idea why? I don’t want to think that I am not getting the distance for the effort I am putting in, but if I am not, then I am getting seriously penalized.

I have presumed this is due to differences in how much your avatar swerves (due to whatever eccentricities of Zwift physics) and thus actually rides a longer distance.


It happens on every ride and I don’t think my avatar weaves more than anyone else.

It’s also very consistent at 500m every 20k ridden.


This is a issue I have too. I can often cover an extra Km in a 50km group ride. I also have issues with the sticky draft so blame it on that and suck up the extra watts required. When I am having a tough day, it does my head in. After the group ride, the draft issue is better. I’ll test if the mileage creep continues.

Think of it as getting extra fitness and value from your hard earned. Even the bugs in Zwift make you work harder.

i questioned this a couple of years ago.
( i was doing more km than the ride leader, despite being behind on the road, this often put me into fence conflict)
Support said this was due to the low frame rate i was getting from my, at the time, old core duo imac.
Seems closer now i’m using an apple tv.