Event-specific holding pens and start/finish lines

I’ve long had the idea that I’d like to run a Zwift hillclimb championship. But as things stand, I don’t have the tools I think I’d need.

The main things are:

  • the ability to set the start line for the timed segment
  • the ability to set the finish line (and set some sort of clear finish line graphic that only even participants would see)
  • the ability to set the holding pen/warm-up to be at the start line
  • the ability to set off riders at fixed intervals (automatically)

The way I envisage the event working would be that everyone signs up who wants to do it. When they join the event in-game, they get ported to the start line (a bit like the pier start). When the event starts, the riders get released at, say, 5 or 10 second intervals. On the screen for the next rider to start, they’d see a countdown (and maybe hear beep-beep-beep-BEEEEP!).

Obviously, then they ride like billy-o to the finish and see their result and others.

I imagine some simple way of setting the start and finish lines. For example, going to “event set-up” mode, riding to the start and pressing a key. Then riding to the end and pressing a key. That’d be all that’s needed other than people joining the event. Assuming they get set off in order, they’d be able to be told their precise start time when they join the event. e.g. if it’s going off at 8pm at 10 second intervals and I’m the 6th person to join, it’ll say my start time is 20:00:50.

The other thing is this could obviously be used for any race or event that wants to start or end at a non-standard point on a course.