Event Late Starters Dropping in

Never really noticed it before, but last night I was doing Stage 3 of TdZ long loop, and being a big lump was in the last 3rd of quite a big group.

Up until about 29 minutes in to the ride people were still joining the group (it might have continued, but I started ignoring it after then), so despite not being overtaken by anybody, my placing number was ticking up constantly as they were being dropped in somewhere ahead of me.

I know this isn’t really the end of the world and doesn’t have any physical impact on my ride, but for big fellas, climbing the epic KOM is already a tough gig, so it can be a bit dis-heartening.

What is the thinking behind this? What’s the point of doing the event if you are missing out on the first 10+km? Why not either just start late entries from the normal holding pen or the back of the bunch?

Ride on!

I can maybe understand if someone is 2min late, but 20+ just don’t make sense. But everyone is different.

I would think Zwift should change the behaviour of the late join, so that for rides where there is no leader the late riders start from the pen so they get to ride the whole distance.

But for rides with a leader the late rider gets dropped with the leader.

The good news is there is no late join for races.

Agree entirely Gerrie, and for general group rides it’s not a problem. I have definitely done that myself when struggling for the enthusiasm to ride alone.

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