Late starts from the staring pen

It would be nice to have the option to start late but ride the whole distance of an event instead of being placed with a group of riders up the road.

I’m pretty certain this is done to ensure that you get the draft and the social aspect of the ride.

Is this something else that others would want?

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Nope, I prefer to show up on time for events, and if I’m late then would like to be put in the group.

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The option would be nice, there’s times I’d like the social component but other times I’m more interested in doing the whole route (esp. if they’re event only). It could also be a whole new challenge to do the whole route and see how many people you can catch before you finish (thinking bigger events).

This is an interesting question, I would think if I am late I would start from the start line. But I can also see that people like the social aspect and want to be dropped with the leader.

What I think is if there is a group leader you have to be dropped with the leader, but if it is a ride like the TOW you should start from the start line.

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Some generic group ride, I’d prefer to join the group (although I often wonder why it takes so long to find the other riders).

Something like the Tour of Watopia, it seems like cheating if you can skip the first 30 minutes and start halfway up the Alpe.


I think giving users more choice is always welcome.

Perhaps by default, as the timer goes down it would group you but you could click right to choose “start at the banner” - something like the junction pop ups.


An option is what I would like.
Sometimes I like to do one or the other.


Exactly how I would like the late join to work.


We talked about this yesterday and today I needed a late start from the Pen.

I wanted to do a workout before the tour but the workout was just over an hour so I would be late if I started my workout 5:15am. I can’t start at 7am but I can at 6:30am even if I ride “alone”.

Having a 30min late start from the pen will give people a bit more opportunities to do the events.

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As they said

For a route/distance-based ride (TdZ, ToW, badge hunt, etc.), I’d want to start at the starting line and ride the whole route.

For a time-based ride (like a HERD social ride), I’d want to get dropped in with a group of riders (like it currently does).

Ideally, it’d be nice to choose the one you prefer. I’ve got all of my route badges (except Uber Pretzel and PRL Full), but someone who’s still earning their badges might prefer to start from the beginning no matter what.

Ideally the choice but I’m pretty happy with it dropping me in with the leader.

What I would like to see is late join time extended for social rides/meetups. I don’t really see any need to restrict joining for a social ride particularly for the really long routes it’s nice to get some friends dropping in to ride with.

probably need to then restrict any route badge/ride unlock if you join after a certain point to make it fair but i’m sure that can be done.

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I believe that late join gets a bit wappy after about 30 minutes.

We can extend it but it’s recommended not to.

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That’s fair enough maybe something to look at when somebody has some free time for a potential improvement. :rofl:

I can test it on one of yours if you like :slight_smile:

happy to test. Any idea what a bit wappy means? If that would effect the usual 30 mins late joins or is just the post 30 mins that get wappy

I shall consult the oracle and report back.


I’m getting from the context that wappy has a generally negative meaning, so my comment adds nothing to this discussion, but, as an aside, I swear that this is the first time in my life as a middle-aged native English speaker that I’ve read or heard the word. I guess I’m falling out of touch with the language in the UK.
Found a reference to it being a Nottinghamshire dialect term for stupid or crazy.
Learning something new every day here! :slightly_smiling_face:

I probably need to redefine the dictionary in accordance to James. It’s probably not even a real definition so I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it!

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