Late riders to events starting with Beacon


It seems that when riders join an event after it has started they are added with the front rider not with the beacon. Having them join with the beacon will keep some of the large groups of flyers we see in some events from forming inadvertently.   

I don’t understand how you can join an event late.


Late Joiners should in fact join the “beacon.” That’s how the system is designed. If you are able to get screen capture video of this not happening, we would love to see it as this would be a bug.

@Matthew - some events have an option to allow “late join” for up to 30min after an event starts. This is an option we enable (or not) based on organizer preference. Group workouts, for example, always allow late join.

Thanks & Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

Hello Jordan,

I have been leading a ride with a decent size group that takes off from the start. It seems that after a while we get a number of riders falling out of that lead group with distance totals less than the leaders should have but not enough distance to indicate they are riders that have been lapped. My assumption was that they were dropped into that lead group when joining late.

Let me see what we can find out. I’ll get back to you if we can identify some possible causes.