Late starters in meet ups

Hi there, is it possible to be late for a meet up and be teleported to the riders that have already set off. I know you can be 30 mins late. But can the ride have set off and the late starters just drop in near the rest of riders, or do you have to ride from the beginning.


Yes, you get teleported to somewhere within the bunch that’s akready riding, so you’ll do less distance to the finish.

Been quite a while since i used meetups much but i always thought there was no late join?

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Doh! Yes, you’re quite right Gordon, somehow I missed that it was a Meetup, amd as you say there’s no late join.

You can be 30 minutes late as long as it’s not a race. I just didn’t know if you’d have to start at three beginning or not.

You can’t be late for a user-created Meetup. Late Join is available on some (not all) events in the calendar.

Meetups have a 30 minute late join as long as you had marked the invitation as “going” prior to the start time. It should put you with the group when you late join.