Join group ride with multiple start times after the start of the first race

(Nick H. RaceWBR (C)) #1

why is this not possible?

(Scott) #2

If I’m understanding you correctly, I think you’re saying you can’t join groups B, C, D of an event after group A starts, even though they start after group A. This is a known issue which is on our radar to fix. 

(Nick H. RaceWBR (C)) #3

Correct. I’ve done this a few times as I am always running late and setting up at the last possible second. I was signed into the kiss le tape race today to get my free socks and had an issue with my ant + dongle drop out so I logged out to restart and could not join back in even though the C group didn’t start for 5 more minutes. Thanks

(Scott) #4

We are also working on the ability to join a non-race event in progress, though that wouldn’t have helped in this case.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #5

Thanks Scott B. joining non-race event in progress would be great improvement! As ride leader who leads very long ride I’d be fine with people dropping in for say the 2nd hour of my 2:40 ride if they wish. I’ve also missed the start of a ride I wanted to do by 5 minutes…wished I could simply drop in late. By the way love the ‘assist’ when dropping in on individual riders from the start…having that function will be important to dropping into an ongoing group ride late without having to do a huge sprint.