ETA on KOM is about twice what it should be after latest update

Yes - on version 1.0.6766 the ETA display for all jersey segments (KOM, sprint, orange) is way off, and doesn’t bear much resemblance to reality.

Same here.  It was pretty good before the update, now is WAY off after 8/27 update.  It will be 10 seconds off on the sprint at 100m out.  I am running zwift on a new Mac mini with a Wahoo Kickr.  

Same here. Off by factors of 2,3 or more.

From the 8/27 release notes (which I should have read first):


Known issues:

  • Projected ETA on segments can often be incorrect by a large margin

Doh!  Thanks for pointing that out, Jonathan!

I did not want to start a new thread as i think this was found before. This was just one test I did when I noticed it. 


It seem that the issue with the ETA on the KOM have came back. 

So i feel for the last few weeks the ETA was fairly correct but this morning I noticed that it was far off. It was ok in the beginning but the last part of the climb it just got far off. See my screen shots below.

The one positive thing is I thought the ETA was correct, so I pushed really hard and got a PR.