Error Code: Z107 at Line 411 in Patcher.cpp


I installed Zwift software and it gave me this error message after the login:

Error Code: Z107 at Line 411 in Patcher.cpp

I have already done the uninstall, reboot and fresh installation, but the problem is still there.

Hi Edoardo,

We are currently communicating via email but common recommendations (for anyone else):

  • Try “Run as Administrator”
  • If you are not on an administrator account, create one if possible and try reinstalling


Hi, I got the same error, trying to run this on my Windows 7 gaming rig. Works on my Mac laptop but would prefer it running on the big gaming rig monitor. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t make any difference for me when I run Zwift as “Run as Administrator” either. Get the same error when “UPDATING” after installing Zwift.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Me too - windows 7 is the os.


Ticket submitted.

Me too win7 x64 ,after updater the newist version

Same for me unfortunately. Thought a fresh install would fix it but now I have no Zwift :frowning:

Fresh install on a new computer running Win 7 Professional x64 and I get this same error whilst download/install is happening

Please fix soon!


Same … windows 10

Same here. Windows 10

Hi All,

Just had an answer from a ticket I submitted about this. The suggestion was to unplug the ANT+ USB stick and let the update run- worked a treat. Might be worth giving this a go and if this doesn’t work submit a support ticket.

Happened to today on windows 8 machine. Run as administrator did the trick for me

I’m getting this error this evening. I have tried removing ANT+ stick, rebooting, running as admin and nothing still.