Erroneous training plan overviews

I´m in week 5 of the active offseason plan, and the “sub-threshold over-gear” workout differs in description and visual overview.

The description text says 8 x 3 minutes at 90% of FTP.
The diagram below says 8 x 2 minutes at 140W, which is not 90% of my 255W FTP.

I also remember some earlier workouts in this training plan to be inconsistent in description and actual workout structure. Maybe some review on the workouts overview is necessary?

I noticed this to. Active Offseason it is not right.

Comments come to soon or to late. The warmup is al wrong and the cooling down also. For example the 10min warmup starts at 180w and rises to 190w and the workout is at 220w cooling down the same way but in reverse. I had to accelerate to do the warmup.

Canceling this workout plan.