Erratic riding by A.Leite today around 5:18pm my time (EST)

Noticed a rider going nuts on my ride today. I touch a few snapshots but don’t know how I can upload them here. I’ve seen this a few times. The rider (A.Leite) just goes left and right and even does 360s. Pretty agile! But not sure this is supposed to happen!

Thanks for the report. I just checked and I see from the data that he’s on a very low performing PC today. We’ve got fixes in the works for this exact issue thanks to feedback from users like you reporting this (as well as us seeing it for ourselves), but I don’t have an ETA for this fix to go live.

Low performing PC? People shouldn’t try to run Zwift on their Commodore 64… :wink:

@Richard - We’ve seen some people ride for MINUTES at 1 frame-per-second. I’m not sure how they could handle it nor am I quite sure how they ended up running it in the first place…

The Spectrum 48K would have handled it

1 FPS?! WOW! You might as well just look at Zwifts photos.