Erratic power control

I use a Bkool Pro turbo Trainer and for the last week it looks like the power control is a bit erratic. there are times when my outputs shows as +3.0 w/kg and others when it drops to 1.5 w/kg at the same cadence and speed. My FTP has been (automatically by Zwift) increased from 140 to 152 to 172 in the space of 3 days. Now this sounds great, but at 68 years old I very much doubt that my performance has increased that much that fast! Any suggestions as to what’s going on, anyone, please?

Hi David,

We have one Bkool article here on the Zwift support site, so check it out and make sure your setup matches our standards.

Honestly, it’s hard to say what could be causing the issue without taking a closer look at your setup (e.g. how you’re pairing the trainer to Zwift, what device platform you use to run the app, etc…), and I don’t want to start guessing without more info. Your best bet is to please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to help.