ERG mode post workout

Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before but I took a look through and couldn’t find anything…

I did my first workout today from the zwift 101 workout (and figured out I was in erg mode when none of the gear changes were working on my wattbike atom). Anyway post workout, I was taken back to the London course but I remained in ERG mode and resistance was so low…but I couldn’t work out a way to turn it off once the workout had finished.
I’m using a wattbike atom, apple tv for zwift and android for the companion app.

I’ve done one or two races/events this week prior to training and the gear shifting has worked, with gear changes being displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

Sorry for the newbie question, just trying to get my head round how it all works


I use an Atom too. I’ve generally found that at the end of the workout you go back to non-erg mode, but the right shifter on the Atom is asleep, not having been used. Lower button reconnects it to the Atom, and then after a second or so the upper shift button will work as normal, gears displayed etc.

Great thanks very much…I’ll give that a try!