ERG Mode help

ERG mode on my Elite Drivo turbo trainer seems not to be working properly. I use it in combination with an Honor 7X android phone operating Android v9.

Trying to use ERG mode seems to almost lock up the trainer. I then get a message at the top of my Zwift screen saying ERG has been disabled pedal at a steady cadence. The trainer ‘unlocks’ and I can pedal but then ‘locks up’ again. This happens even for a ‘power Zone 1’ session and is a recent problem. Back in March /April, I was able to use ERG mode when I was doing the FTP builder programme but it is not working now. I have used the Elite app to recalibrate my trainer. What can I do to get ERG mode working so that I can use Zwift for interval training?

Did you try ERG mode using the Elite app or other app other than Zwift, to see if it’s a problem with your trainer hardware/firmware?

Guy, Thank you for your question. ERG mode works with the MyEtraining app produced by Elite but I have problems when I use my Garmin 820 or Zwift.