ERG mode disappeared on laptop and phone app

As of today, the ERG mode has completely disappeared from both the laptop program and the Zwift companion app. It meant I couldn’t follow the trg programme, and struggled to get enough watts even in high gear. This seems to be a recurring problem over the years looking online. I have an Elite Drivo

When you say “disappeared”, what exactly do you mean?

In the Zwift pairing screen, have you verified that the Drivo is paired as the Controllable Trainer? If that is not paired properly, there will be no ERG mode.

I mean that on the workouts selection list where I used to be able to choose whether to select ERG on or off, that is no longer there. Also the same on Zwift Companion - the selection option is missing. My Drivo is still connected as normal.


I can think of two possible reasons.

Unpair your trainer and repair it using the FE-C option for power and controllable.

Or your trainer is not working as it should. Try ERG in another (Elite Real) app see if it work.