ERG Mod stopped working

Running Zwift on an AppleTV for about 8 weeks now. In week 8 of Build Me Up plan, and ERG mode has been working fine, really it’s the only mode I use.

Stopped working tonight. No idea. Toggled on and off a million times. Re-installed the app on AppleTV. Restarted CycleOps M2 several times, connection is fine. Everything working except ERG mode and Zwift is useless to me without it. I have a B race in 2 weeks, and was really looking to push it this week.

Anyone have any ideas? The only other thing I did differently was sign up for an event (for which no one showed and I left). Did that somehow put it in SIM mode? Is there some other way to reset it? HELP! :smiley: Thanks.

The recent app update broke it for lots of people, there’s a fix on the way apparently.

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I have almost identical situation. Running Zwift on iPad with Hammer. The update on iOS installed last week has a bug. Zwift is aware. I was able to do a work around by using Zwift Companion connected to my PC. Worked fine.
I too am doing Build Me UP and am in week 8. Workouts are getting really tough this week.


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Ricky and Robby, thanks for the help! Will give the new version a shot tonight. Hope your issues get fixed as well.

Robby, I don’t know how to do the workaround you suggest, but will look into it.


This is taking way too much time for Zwift to resolve. I’ve cancelled my account and am moving on. $15/month with the number of users Zwift has and how broad spread this problem appears to be is unacceptable.