Empty roads

The last few rides I have been all alone in spite of the 2500+ people riding. This has happened in Watopia, London and Richmond. Doing the Zwift canned beginner FTP builder workouts. Feels like after the apocalypse. :frowning:

How can I ride with everyone else?


Hi Wendy!

Typically, that means you were disconnected during your ride. 

Here’s a couple of steps to take for next time:

* If you’re on WiFi and your signal strength is only a couple bars, try and improve that, either by moving closer to your router or running an Ethernet cable if possible. Other products like range extenders and powerline adapters may also be worth considering.
* If you’re running other Internet-intensive applications at the same time as Zwift, try shutting them off to see if it reduces problems. This includes video and music streaming services, as well as other online games.
* If you can’t get a consistently strong signal, you may want to consider using your mobile device as a hotspot and connecting that for your Internet connection.

Thank you for the suggestions and the swift reply.

I disconnected every other WiFi thing and sat right next to the router but the roads were still empty.

After I forced the app to shut down on my iPad and rebooted all was good.


Wendy, I have had the same problem on my iPad.  I’m sure my Wi-Fi is good where I’m located.  I never have problems uploading my results when saving so I would think I must be connected.

i will give the reboot a try next time this happens and see if that clears the problem.

I had the same issue this morning, using an iPad mini version2, connected via wifi. 

I have a 50/50 connection, and the iPad was only a few feet from the wireless AP. 

This is the first time it happened to me, really detracted from the appeal of

Zwift when all the roads are empty. 


Every time this happens to me, force quitting the app and restarting solves it.  You do not need to reboot your device.  This is clearly a bug in the iOS version of the app.

I have seen the same issue a couple of times, also on the AppleTV, and I can confirm that force-restarting the app helped.