Elite Qubo Fluid+ (L3)

Hi I’ve been riding everynight since Monday August 3, 2015 and I really like Zwift is really fun, I’m new to indoor training so I don’t really know how accurate can it be.

I’m using the Elite Qubo Fluid+ (L3) with Garmin ANT+ dongle and Speed and Cadence sensor, and Garmin For Runner 620 with HRM soft strap.

I followed the instructions on how to set up my equipment correctly but the distance i ride every night is different in my Garmin FR620 and Zwift. When I start riding with Swift I start my Garmin FR620 which is also paired with my Speed and Cadence sensor I would like to know whats going on, or to have a slight difference not 3 miles over a 20 mile ride like tonight Friday August 7, Zwift stopped at 20.4 miles while my Garmin FR620 stopped at 17.3 miles.

A couple of things that I would like to see on my stats after I complete my ride is my average cadence, average speed, and laps info.

And lastly, while I was riding I notice some “likes” that other riders gave me, how can I send a “like” back?

Thanks Zwifters! and Ride on!




Hi Rony, the distance your garmin recorded is how far your wheel turned on the trainer’s roller.   The distance Zwift records is how far your wattage pushed your virtual avatar up and down virtual hills.  The two will almost never match.  Imagine riding up Mount Everest in zwift, the software would show you went maybe 5 miles in an hour, but your wheel on your trainer might have rolled 20 miles in that time.   Zwift uses your effort (watts), rather than your trainers speed directly.

For stats, while we do show some stats on the pause screen, a full data file is generated and uploaded to the zwift.com website, which you can log-in to view.  From there, you can choose to pair your zwift account to your strava account and really dig into the numbers using that if you wish.  You can also download your fit file to use anywhere you’d like.  We’ll beef up our stats at some point, but it’s not our top priority at the moment.  This may help:  https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/202257019-Can-I-upload-my-workouts-to-Strava-Does-Zwift-generate-a-fit-file-

As for the 'Ride On’s, you can download the Zwift Mobile Link app from the Google Play or IOS App Store and use that to give ride ons to other users.