Elite qubo digital smart b+ no resistance on hills


I was riding on Zwift using my Elite qubo digital smart b+ trainer on Tuesday the 5th of November without any issues, resistance working as normal.

Then I try using Zwift the next day connecting the same way as the day before and there is no resistance on the hills at all I can do 500 watts easy. Which is significantly over calculating my effort.

I have tried connecting with ant+ and the result is the same. I have tried connecting to different devices, laptop, mobile and tablet and this doesn’t change anything.

I have also checked the calibration of the trainer and all looks correct.

Is there a solution to this issue?

First ting to check Did you connect the trainer as FE-C in both the power and controllable tab in the paring screen.

Hi Gerrie

Thanks for the response

I have tried that and the result is the same. There is no resistance change when going uphill and if anything the resistance going uphill is lower than on the flats.

Is there a answer to this problem ?. Have tried everything updated filmware matched the connections and still not working no resistance on the trainer.