Elite Qubo Digital B+ Erg mode

I have noticed that when I’m using my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ in Workout mode with enabled erg mode, my power readings are completely flat with no volatility, i.e. when my target is 200watts, I always get reading of 200w with no fluctuations at all regardless the effort. I understand that trainer in erg mode adjusts power according to target output but should the readings be completely flat without any slight fluctuations?

Anyone else encounter this?

I have the same problem with my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+. I tried to update firmware but it doesn’t works. Uff.

If you are using Bluetooth try getting the ANT+ usb stick and try that vs. Bluetooth.

I have the opposite problem with the same trainer in ANT+ mode - in ERG mode, the power fluctuates quite a lot, and when the target power changes, there is a bit of a lag and a period of instability (overshooting and undershooting the target) which makes short intervals impossible.