Erg mode differences with Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ vs Tacx Neo


I’ve just started the 4th week of the FTP beginner program.

For the first three weeks I used an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.

I recently caved in, and got a Tacx Neo. Today I used it for the first time with the first day in the 4th week of the FTP beginner program.

I noticed a big difference between both trainers.

The Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ holds a constant power resistance (so for example a flat 125 w line for the entire duration of the interval).

However, the Tacx Neo doesn’t hold a constant power resistance. For example, there is more power fluctuation – like a 125 W interval may vary between 117W and at times 165 W (where I’m asked to reduce power).

Both trainers are using Bluetooth and set to Erg mode.

In conclusion, it seems like the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ seems to hold the resistance for the constant power better than the Tacx Neo. Whereas, the Tacx Neo increase the resistance as required, but holds it less and you (the rider) have to be more disciplined to ride coanstantly without big fluctuations.

Is this normal for the Tacx Neo in Erg mode on the training workouts ?

Ride on,


That’s interesting. I also use an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (ANT +) and I have the opposite problem: in ERG mode, there seem to be relatively high fluctuations and always a lag when the target power changes. This makes short intervals (15sec, or even 30s) really difficult to achieve, so I have resorted to disabling ERG mode for these.