Elite Drivo XR resistance

Hello folks…level 40 and about 16.000km of zwift…got a Drivo XR…the best trainer I have ever had since 1996 when i started riding on them…drivo is about 3 weeks old and works perfectly,did not calibrate it until 2 days ago and riding until the calibration was fantastically smooth,sim mode worked and works very well,after the calibration which was done on the Elite app not on zwift,the resistance has become much harder and watts reading have dropped even if speed is as before the calibration,zwift trainer difficulty is at 100%…does anyone has experienced this with Drivo or any other direct drive trainer?? other issued is that i never succeed to calibrate it on zwift,keep riding&riding and screen never goes forward,keep saying “keep your speed”…maybe someone could help here,regards 2all.