Elite Direto does not lock power in ERG mode

I have an Elite Direto, When I race the power shifts as it should.
But when I do workouts it does not lock the power (ERG Mode).
For exsaple, The power shows 140 watts, but if i raise the cadence i go upp to 180-200 with no problem.
Should it not lock on 140 so I cant go any higher?


The Direto is not very powerful, so you should be in the small chain ring for a low flywheel speed. Otherwise you could outsmart the trainer.

I have tryed both the big and small chaninring in front and no differnce.

I do not agree with you Ben…
Direto first version, triple set on bike, ANT+ dongle, macbook pro 2012. Chain always in 2nd ring front en somewhere in middle cassette. Even doing 100-110 watts (ftp 275) with high cadence gives no problems in ERG mode. ERG is accurately responsive when changing cadence.

@ Peter: did you do a calibration procedure using the elite app? And did you pair the trainer as FE-C? ERG mode should be a clickable option in the companion app or in zwift. A slight delay of 2-3-4 sec is normal in ERG mode.

I hade calibrated the direto the day before in the Elite App. I hade pair it with Ant+ FE-C. According to the app ERG mode was on.
Any Ideas?

Hmm that’s strange. What kind of workout do you use? Choose one with relatively small wattage differences and try to hold your cadence around 85 during the whole set (choose a gear somewhere in the middle and do not shift during the workout). ERG should respond to the different wattages in each interval while your cadence remains around 85.
Let me know what the results are…

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Hi everybody,
I have the same issues as Peter, I did calibrate with Elite app and Zwift, try to be at 85 rpm all along the work-out, used BTE and Ant+, Mac, PC and apple TV… it is always the same point, the power is very unstable while girlfriend which is training next to me is perfectly stablewith a wahoo trainer… @Peter_Gustafsson did you mange to fix this problem?