Elite Direto BLE controllable broken on Apple devices


I have been using my iPad Pro, my iPhone and my MacBook for years with Zwift connecting via Bluetooth.

I have been this summer only riding outdoor, and today in my first Zwift workout, my Elite Direto is not discoverable as Controllable device.

It doesn’t work on all my apple iOS devices including the MacBook with MacOS.

It’s not a trainer issue because I can use it as controllable with no problems via Bluetooth in other training apps, only not working in Zwift.

Power and cadence are discoberable, but controllable trainer no.

Someone with this issue…? I suspect this summer Zwift update broked this.


Hi Eder,
Sorry to read about your frustrating experience. I don’t have a Direto, but I recall reading about an issue a few months ago that required certain Elite trainers/devices to have their firmware updated to the latest version in order for them to continue to work with Zwift.

Do you use Elite’s Upgrado app, which should let you take care of that aspect? No idea if this will help; it can’t hurt.

There should be lots of Direto users here who can chime in and help more specifically if the firmware isn’t the issue.

The firmware of the Direto is the last available.

It sounds like your controllable device is paired to something else, amd that’s why Zwift can’t see it. Bluetooth trainers can usually only pair to one device at a time.

I don’t think so.
Because with all my other bluetooth devices switched off, Zwift is not discovering controllable trainer.
And Direto power and Cadence Sensors are discovered with no problem.

Also in other apps like bkool, elite or rouvy it’s discoverable and works without problems. I’m sure at 99% that is Zwift App issue.

I don’t remember any mass reports about Elite trainers having a problem with the latest release.

My own Elite Direto XR is fine with Bluetooth on the latest release (via Apple TV).