Eliminating Notification of Error ZL01 when not using Zwift

I’m not having any trouble logging into Zwift; however, I keep seeing a dialog notification with Error ZL01 every time I log onto my laptop. I believe it may be slowing down my laptop login time. I have looked under Processes via Task Manager did not see any Zwift processes. 

Appreciate any ideas on how I can eliminate this notification.

Thank you.

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Is it close to this issue: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000195506-Error-code-ZL01-cannot-connect-to-network-Check-Internet-


Hey Michael,

Thanks for your question. Yeah Paul above has a great suggestion. Could be a number of things in no specific order. ZL01 means no Internet but that is a broad statement. Further,

  1. Poor internet connection Go here for trouble shooting on that:https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/210244153–Check-your-Internet-Connection-Error

2.Are you logged into multiple computers simultaneously? That could be an issue. Or have multiple windows of the program opened on same computer.

  1. Another option could be a hard drive readout about the sata cable. Least option but worth it to mention.


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My apologies, i mis-read. We will fix the notification issue soon on your laptop. Should be a fix for it soon so you do not see them anymore.


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Hi! Has a fix been developed for this problem? It is an ongoing issue for a friend & for myself – Zwift is not open on our Windows based computers, but the Zwift internet connection error box/notification comes up intermittently throughout the day, as though the program is opening itself. Thanks!

Hi, is there any news about this problem, I have the same error everytime when I boot my laptop, using or not Zwift 

Is there a fix to this yet? I always get this (Windows 10). No problem starting, but if the laptop has been in sleep, when I open the lid, it’s always showing. I thought I’d quit Zwift, so annoying that it’s still there in the background, and even more annoying that it’s trying to connect to the internet.

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