Elevation data in .fit file

(David Burgess) #1

No Doubt you are already aware of this but downloading Watopia’s .fit file and uploading to Garmin Connect the elevation data is not carried across. Garmin thinks I’ve been riding a flat course.

(Graham Lang) #2

The elevation data is in there but it’s screwed up. If I use fitfiletools to, say, change the device type and then i upload to Garmin Connect, the elevations are ok. it’s as if the file is corrupt and the fitfiletool must be correcting it.

(Bill Clawson) #3

Fit file tools worked great, thanks! Changed to Edge 500, elevation and calories reappeared.

(Marc Steingrand) #4

so what part of fit file tools you are using?

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #5

Just changed to Edge 500 and got calories, but still 0 elevation. Garmin Connect seems to need to identify a device with a barometer on board, so I tried an Edge 810 and a 920xt, but Garmin connect still thinks it is an unknown device. Did you change anything other than the device name? 

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #6

http://fitfilerepairtool.info/ Just exchanged emails with Mathias, the author of the tool. He will be updating it to solve this issue. Nice.