upload to Garmin Connect using *.fit file

For some reason when I download the *.fit file for a workout and then upload it to Garmin Connect I get different behavior on the regular course as compared to the Richmond Worlds course.  Specifically the name of the course isn’t populated and also there is no information about elevation gained.  Ive tried this several times all with the same results.

Hi Neal,

Since Watopia is a made-up course on a real island, none of the elevation data matches real GPS data. Strava is okay with this but Garmin is not, so they rank GPS data over our own “fantasy” elevations and flatten it.

We’ve talked to Garmin about this but there hasn’t been much forward momentum on their part.

Minor hack but worth a shot.


Convert to tcx using this.



Nice easy solution is to download the fit file and what you need to do is kid Garmin connect into thinking that this file was generated from a Garmin device say Edge 810…this can be easily done by using a web based app…https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/changer#view  at the bottom of this page drop the fit file into the box and select device type, let it generate a new fit file which can be uploaded into GC.

hint…I have better results using Chrome over explorer for downloading the files.

Hope this helps

Hah! You guys are awesome. This sounds very cool.