Edit avatar / create workouts offline

(Steve Quirke) #1

Would like the ability to edit the above without having to log onto the actual laptop that all my equipment is hooked up to.  Would be nice to log on to a different pc and create workouts or change my bike/settings etc.

(Paul Allen) #2

Both of these have been requested many time, make sure you vote up the existing ones so Zwift knows what the users want.

Zwift has said changes to the website is coming and could include one or both of the suggestions.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

My solution is to install Zwift on your different pc and create workouts there. then copy them to you Training pc/laptop. when you edit your avatar on the different pc the changes will show on your workout pc/laptop.



(Steve Quirke) #4

Thanks for the input, but not the friendliest of search systems.  Search for Avatar or Zpower and get 2 choices Knowledge base or Community with no granularity and large number of pages to go through.  So voting existing ones isn’t that easy for the end user.  Would be nice to have separate search databases for each page so the results are relevant.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

Here are two post that I found.




(Steve Quirke) #6

Hi Gerrie

Cheers!  I see what the problem is now.  I installed Zwift on a 2nd PC (twice) but it just closed after selecting “Ride” and the screen shows “don’t forget to Add your Ant+ devices” (or similar)  I assumed it was looking for Ant+ or BT devices and closed as there wasn’t any.  I just installed Zwift on a different PC and it connects ok and I can create a workout and change my kit etc.


Thanks for the heads up!

(Gerrie Delport) #7

Glad we could help. I also prefer sitting on a chair instead of a bike seat to create workouts. I sometimes open Zwift on my 3rd screen while working just to watch people ride.