Easy navigate menu

Easy navigate menu





Is there any plans on changing the way we can exit the app. Its annoying that as soon as you have finished or you want to restart a ride or training session you have to either discard or save and exit. Why can we not save and then go back to the tart menu.

Also can there be a stat chart when you can compare last rides and all other rides to see your improvement

I know it was a typo but I’m voting up on the ‘tart menu’. I don’t care what meaning of ‘tart’ it is - I approve wholeheartedly. 

to be fair its as though the software was built and the menu, when and if you can get to it, is bolted on the end of it somehow. Cleary a big let down in comparison to competitors

I feel, with Zwift, there’s a lot of expectation one will use third party software to pick up the slack. 

In order to attempt to access information pertaining to my Zwift rides, I’ve had to setup ZwiftPower, Strava and Training Peaks accounts in addition to using my pre-existing Garmin Connect account.

Zwift should supply such functionality to its customers itself. We shouldn’t have to create accounts with other companies to use Zwift effectively. 

It’s good that Zwift works with other websites/services but really it could be a bit less shallow when it comes to browsing data of one’s rides etc.

I don’t expect Zwift to offer the same level of depth some companies (such as the aforementioned Training Peaks) do but being able to look at the details of previous rides (including PBs/leaderboards etc.) would be a big step in the right direction.