Dura Ace Di2

Hi folks,

Does anyone know how to safely remove the rear wheel on a Dura Ace Di2? Is there a way to make the chain to move all they way to the hardest gear such that there is less tension on the chain? Dura Ace Di2 has this safety feature whereby some combinations of gears are not allowed to avoid the chain moving diagonally.

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I’d say just go into the smallest rear cog the Di2 lets you while in the front small chainring. You may have to pull back the rear derailleur some amount manually by hand.


Some di2 setups will require a bit more of a pull on the rear derailleur than others, depending on how the chain was sized. I’ve been able to drop some rear wheels with the chain on the big ring in front and smallest cog in back, and others where Small-‘Smallest possible rear’ as John suggests worked better.

But you do typically have to ease the rear mech out of the way by hand. Shouldn’t require massive amounts of force though.

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(as this is very much not a “Zwift” issue rather a “general bike maintenance” issue)

I just got an Ultegra Di2 and I’ve never thought about it, I just put it in the smallest cog on the back and take the wheel off.

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  1. Shift the chain to the small (front) chainring.
  2. Shift the rear derailleur to the smallest rear cog.

Pro level alternative: you can leave the chain on the big front x 3rd rear cog, and learn how to remove the wheel / reinstall the wheel positioning the chain on the 3rd cog.

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due to the lack of clearance on my rear wheel and frame i need to deflate the tyre to get the rear wheel off with di2 ultegra

Interesting. What frame is that? What width tires do you run?

Dolan rebus and 25mm that’s the max can get on it, probably could get the wheel off if I wiggle it but easier to just deflate the tyre or remove the chain

Used to have a couple of bikes like that. They were made in the ‘23s FTW’ era, and even 25s were a stretch :slight_smile: