Chain rubs on the small sprocket

hello, I have a Zwift hub and a Di2 11-speed. If I use the large chainring at the front and the two smallest sprocket at the rear, the chain rubs on the sprocket.
The chain runs correctly at the bottom of the rear derailleur, only at the top it runs diagonally forward. There is no spacer installed. The end stop is also set correctly. Does somebody has any idea?

Is it fine when the wheel is back in and not on a trainer?
Could just be a little bit of shift indexing adjustment is needed. Or could be that the trainer axle is misaligned versus your wheel.

Everything is fine with the normal wheel. The gear setting is correct. The chain runs too diagonally, unfortunately you can no longer adjust it. I’ve already installed and removed the bike a few times and tried to correct something but unfortunately without success.

can you adjust the axle on the zwift hub?