Duathlon Races

It’s been asked before, but when will duathlon racing be available? You can ride in Zwift. You can run in Zwift. You can race in Zwift. It’s the next logical step, right?


They actually start on Sunday I believe: https://www.zwift.si/

Saturday actually :slight_smile: This Saturday, 8th of February, and 9th of February. Both days, to get as many people in all time zones as possible.

Facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZwiftDuathlon/

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What are the distance splits for run and bike?

3 km run, 45 km bike, 5 km run

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Really enjoyed trying this last weekend. Is there a plan to have more of a sprint distance Duathlon?

Long term yes. But we need to get there, currently FB group has 555 members. The % of people owning both treadmill and bike trainer is still small compared to bike only.
Then how many are actually interested in duathlons is another thing :slight_smile:


I did the runs outdoors last week. I have a runpod and ran with Zwift running on my phone over 4G while strapped to my arm. It had my pace slower than it really was but hopefully more accurate after another calibration.

Fingers crossed the take up improves… it’s great race training.

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Planning to do the duathlon on Sunday. Notes said power ups=off; double draft=on; view race participants only=on. How do i set that up or is it set for us?
What are power ups and double draft anyways?

It’s all set up for you.

What are power ups? https://zwiftinsider.com/powerup-usage/
What is double draft? https://zwiftinsider.com/double-draft/

After 7 weeks of being confined to home (Spain has implemented very strict rules) from tomorrow, adults will be permitted to venture beyond the 4 walls between 6 and 10am for individual fitness. My question is. How can I use Zwift on my iWatch for the run and then continue the session once I jump on the bike trainer (model Elite Turno) and then back to the iWatch for the final leg of a duathlon?

Do the ZWOW for the weekend, more info: https://z-games.net/what-is-z-games/, it allows you to do the Run part outside!